Workplace Mediation

workplace-image1What is Workplace Mediation?

  • It is a forward looking alternative to disruptive and damaging disciplinary and grievance procedures or industrial action.
  • It provides a way to avoid expensive and time consuming legal disputes.
  • It is entirely confidential and voluntary. It allows the parties to find their own solution with the help of an impartial Mediator.
  • It is increasingly recognised as the commercially sensible way to resolve those issues which might otherwise escalate into abrasive, confrontational and debilitating disputes.
  • Workplace Mediation is good for Profit and People.

More about Workplace Mediation and How it Works

  • We use a recognised mediation model to take disputants through a process which generally takes no longer than one day to complete. Simply contact us and provide a brief summary of the issues to arrange an appointment.
  • In a typical workplace mediation we start with individual meetings when the parties can have up to an hour and a half to discuss their concerns and needs with the mediator.
  •  After a break we move on to a joint face to face session where the parties  have an opportunity of uninterrupted time to put their concerns directly to the other party and have  a frank but constructive dialogue before beginning the process of agreement building.
  • Once agreement is reached it is recorded in a forward looking and practical written document.