‘We both wished to thank you for everything you did to help us through what was clearly a stressful and emotional situation; your kindness and sensitivity really helped us through and we are both very grateful….I am sure both Emma and I would not hesitate in endorsing or recommending you and your services.’
‘My feeling is that mediation was a very positive experience. The main point for me was an independent person listening to both sides and giving honest impartial advice, helping us to view situations from another perspective. It is so easy to become blinkered when you are entrenched in an argument. It is important that we learn from the meetings and take forward your advice in our day to day contact.
May I thank you for all your help in getting us to where we are now, which is, in fact, still speaking and both feeling pretty proud of ourselves for reaching an agreement in a relatively short timescale. It was as good as I could have hoped for and puts us in a position to face the coming weeks and years on good terms which is what we both wanted for the sakes of our children. Clearly, I would recommend your services to anyone unfortunate enough to find themselves in a similar position…that doesn’t sound right but you know what I mean!!
I would like to pay tribute to your professional skills and the way you handled our case, from my perspective you gave us the perfect framework for agreeing a settlement and managed us as individuals in a courteous, respectful manner which created an environment which ultimately made an agreement possible.
Once again, thank you very much for your help with this process and for your part in making it simple, calm and as painless as possible for us both.
Thanks for your help Liz. Personally, I found it a great help in bringing some reasoning to the table. Since the mediation, it’s improved quite a lot and I attribute that to the mediation where we managed to cover all the difficult subjects upfront…I think the fact that mediation was experienced first has made us both realise the advantage of communicating better whilst the divorce is being processed – not to mention the cost saving..!
I found the whole process very rewarding, if sometimes necessarily challenging, but never threatening. It made me look very closely at myself as a parent…we couldn’t have got there without your excellent work and guidance. You were both immensely supportive and honest with us and made that room a safe place for us both to be honest with each other.
You have both given me confidence as a parent…It’s surprised me that with only three sessions I now have a different attitude towards myself and also towards (my ex-partner).I also want to thank you for helping (us) get back on track and work together in all matters relating to (our daughter), your guidance has been brilliant and has helped us tremendously.
Mediation gave us the opportunity to be heard. I felt mediation gave both myself and my ex husband time to reflect, identify, grieve, express ideal scenarios, work on finding actual solutions to then, over the table, over coffee in the presence of Liz and Jo put our agreements down on paper for our solicitors to complete the legal aspects.
Mediation made us see it is possible to get divorced, but not to be at war, not to be opposing sides but all working together in a warm environment to find what really is in our case a very positive conclusion. A positive conclusion for us as individuals and as a family unit.
Thank you also for your help – you have made this naturally unpleasant task as pleasant as it possibly could be for us.
Thank you so much for your guidance. It was comfortable to know that you were listening – and hearing! – both sides. Not an easy position to be in. 10/10!
I would certainly recommend good Mediation to anybody who finds themselves in the unfortunate circumstance of divorce proceedings. I’m convinced it helped us resolve issues and find agreement in a much more amicable manner than going through the adversarial solicitors’ route, never mind save a small fortune in solicitors’ fees!

I don’t normally volunteer to provide testimonials (nor might I add did Liz ask for a testimonial), but I was so impressed with how Liz helped us both through what is quite an emotional yet important process that if you find yourself looking for a mediator, you should feel absolutely confident in choosing Liz. Simply put, she was superb and I can’t recommend Liz Mathews highly enough.