Family Mediation

1Who can it help

  • Partners or spouses who need to reach financial arrangements and arrangements for their children.
  • Former Partners or spouses after separation or divorce if there are on-going issues with finances or the children.
  • Couples intending to marry or live together who wish to sort out future financial arrangements.
  • Anyone who has a family problem to resolve, for example grandparent contact with grandchildren, inter sibling disputes or disputes between same sex couples.
  • Anyone who intends to issue a court application and needs to attend a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting before doing so.

How does it work

Firstly we arrange an individual and confidential meeting to find out the issues important to you, any fears or concerns you may have and your wishes for the future. We explain the mediation process in detail and then we jointly assess the suitability of mediation for you. If the decision is to proceed we will arrange a meeting involving you both although in certain circumstances you may sit in separate rooms. The mediator is impartial, provides information and manages the process to ensure you feel safe and empowered to reach practical solutions to your problems.

How long does it take?

The first individual meeting generally takes about an hour each. After that, because you are in control, mediation proceeds at your pace although, in our experience, between 2 and 4 meetings of about 2 hours each are generally required. Reaching a practical solution through mediation is invariably quicker than proceeding through the Courts.